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Feb 1, 2011
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Say I open five images, do some minor tweaks in camera raw, and then proceed to photoshop where I merge them into a panorama. Once I have done that, is it possible to reopen the panorama in camera raw so that I can make some other adjustments? I've done some research and think this might have something to do with opening it as a smart object, but I'm stuck and still can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I'm using CS5.
Adobe Photoshop * Create Smart Objects

Do you know how to access Adobe Community Help by pressing your keyboard F1 key (or click on Help > Photodshop Help) while in Photoshop?

If you save the 5 image panorama as a 16-bit TIFF, you can then re-open it in Camera Raw and then open it out of Camera Raw as a single Smart-Object. Otherwise you could have 5 layers each being a Smart-Object. You cannot edit pixels in a Smart-Object.

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