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Dec 31, 2009
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Alright ... How do you feel about photoshop?
Do you feel like a beginner should get photoshop right out of the gate, or should one wait until they feel confident in their knowledge of exposure, w/b, etc.?

Also ... What would you say are your must haves for your photo editing (program)?
I don't even have photoshop yet, and so seeing these photos that look good but clearly were done using a costly editor makes me sigh, like 'ah, some day i'll be able to get that effect,' haha ... In retrospect do you feel dishing out the cash for your photo editor was worth it?

I'd like to hear from you Canon users in specific.. do you feel like the price tag is justified, or do you think that the software canon gives with your camera is enough for a beginner to save that money?

I'd love all opinions/thoughts for this one..
d/l the trial and find out for yourself and google some tutorials........PS is more than just your average photo editor... it's capabilities are almost endless.
Photoshop is a massive program with a very steep learning curve, I've used it for over ten years now and still learning, for those who are just starting out with photography I reckon its ott and too expensive, in their position I'd try elements first and only progress to a full version if elements was incapable of fulfilling my needs. H
I agree wtih both Flash & Sam. I have 2 versions of PhotoShop (an old old version on my Windows, and CS4 on my Mac). I've used Photoshop for about 6 years (for web design). My husband gets them for free from work so we don't pay for Photoshop (or upgrades) but everything is done on the terms of his company (which is why my Windows still only has PS7 lol). I'm constantly learning new things everyday, granted using it for web design and using it for photography are two entirely different things. I would never switch to anything else tho. Even if I had to start actually paying for it lol.
Just get LR3 for now. It is awesome.
Photoshop will allow you do do some pretty amazing things... but as the folks above have said, there is a huge learning curve involved.

Being a budget conscious guy, I personally use Gimp. It is a Photoshop alternative that is based on opensource and free software. Gimp does much of the same things that PS does. However, it also has a pretty steep learning curve.

I do believe that investing in a version of PS is not a mistake. But keep in mind that it will take lots of time and patience to work it.

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