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Jan 31, 2006
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does anyone know where to find the Screen blending mode in Photoshop? I can't find it.
would you go to >windows< and then >layers< and that is the layers pallette, right?
no..... there is a small drop down window actually on the layers pallet.... click it.... then choose screen. ;)
Okay, I think I got it. I am trying to create a double exposure on digital pics. Now I just have to come up with a good idea. Thanks
The easiest way to create a double exposure is just to put one image on top of the other and lower the opacity (the slider on the layers pallet) of the top image ;)...... then use screen on top if you need it.
would I put the top image on before the other image when I lower the opacity? right?
It is the top layer you lower the opacity and use screen on,..... so it shows the background layer beneath.

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