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Feb 7, 2013
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Atlanta, GA, USA
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We took a flight this weekend. My kids gravitate towards the airplanes taxiing around.
I had to capture this scene. What do you think?


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I think your kids are sweet! I like that you managed to get detail on the kids and the planes. I wonder whether it would look better with a full body shot to show the feet, and how slanted that bar on the left is and if it should be straightened? I played with it in an attempt at it and to see if I could bring out even more detail on the kids. I'm learning so, grain of salt and all that stuff.

ETA: I think I overdid it on the brightness of the kids.
I like your thinking trying to straighten the window frame. I saw it in post, but the perspective angle taken was not straight at the window, so the lines will never be straight. I straightened the frame on the right side. Or I could crop it out; however, I kinda liked the picture being framed.
I don't think I got their feet in the pic.

I can't always remember all the odds and ends when my kids don't sit still.
I love it, It reflects just how I felt as a kid waiting to go on my holidays.

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