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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by navin bhandari, Jul 25, 2010.

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    hey guys,

    these are the first 2 pics i took with my D5000 which i just got recently,
    i am still learning how to use the camera so please leave any comments and / or criticism.

    1. photo taken at bulb setting:
    2. emirates hills:

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    Well, when I clicked the link, I got taken to your Facebook site (not the Kodak Gallery), and there are three photos of yours (I assume).

    One is a night scene from your balcony that you're calling a "test shot" in FB, and I see why.
    Next time you try a night photo, do use a tripod (but I guess you did for that photo), chose a SMALL aperture (high f-number, such as f16 or so), low ISO (possibly lowest you CAN choose), and an adequately long exposure. Whether bulb is necessary, or whether 20 seconds may do is to be seen. Why the small aperture? Because given light sources will then be better defined, clearer, maybe look a little like stars, but certainly not like big, bright blobs (which you still get in your night photo).

    The day photo with the view (from your OTHER balcony?) across the low houses is a little soft. Is it Facebook? Is it some post processing you applied?

    The photo of the room is perfect, I think. But actually you are not asking for any critique on that one ;) .

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