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    The lens is a Tou/Five Star 75-200mm f4.5 macro zoom. Shot using Canon T70.

    When I traded for this camera kit, this specific lens had slight fogging when looking through SLR's viewfinder. Cleaned outer lenses lightly. Next day or so, took it back to show the original owner. When it was pullled out it showed actual condensation (water droplets) on an inner lens.

    Since this is a low-end no-name lens, decided to try my hand at dis-assembly by removing 3 phillips-head screws. Was able to pull the lenses out from inside the casing barrel. The lens(es) in the front end of the barrel looked very good. The one inside the mounting frame looked okay. So I unscrewed the one still attached to the mounting frame and noticed an O-ring holding the concave one inside it. Removed the ring and did a thorough clensing of that lens. It looked clear with the cleaning liquid upon it. When drying it with non-scratch tissue, noticed the fogging was slightly less, but still seemed to be a coat of something on the glass itself.

    I didn't take a before picture, but this is definitely a step up from what it was. So now do I have a lens with the built in "haze filter" effect? Hehehee. Am open to any ideas of what caused the light film build up that I suspect is on the concave lens. Some kind of lubricant misused perhaps?? Ideas of how to clean/buff it are welcome.


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