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Oct 11, 2007
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We went to the Zoo last week and my daughter who is 5 and in Kindergarten wanted to take a picture of me on this tiger statue so I let her use an old 3MP Point and shoot, one of the worst camera's I've ever bought so I gave it to her. I cropped it a little and put on a boarder for her, but she took the shot, what you think future potential for a photographer? Better then me lol.

I like it!!! Tell her this, will you?

And why not give the camera to the little ones? I have given my Powershot to a 2-year-old, but his little finger was still too weak (for most of the time) to press past the focussing poing of the button. But he did take a picture of his shoes in the end (pushing strongly enough obviously did work when he could press the camera to his own little chest ;)) ... I was all surprised to find that pic on the camera later. :D (Babysitting him was easy from the moment I gave him the Powershot, only taking it away from him required a bit of imagination on my side :D). camera.htm this was her page from her fisher price kid tough camera from last year. Her little sister is actually better and composing a shot at the age of 3 but her patience is horrid she pushes the button then moves so when the flash goes off she gets shoes lol. camera.htm this is the 3 year olds page, 3 of those are taken by mommy trying to get the camera to work after a battery melt down.
Teehee, what cute little web pages you set up for your daughters' photos :D. My daughter had the film Fisher Price thing back then, and somewhere I even have her photos taken when she was four. But the quality was ... sub par (to put it nicely, the first word that sprang to mind started with a "c" and ended in "rap"). The films to put into them were TINY!

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