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Mar 20, 2009
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the model in all of these pictures was my girlfriend Lizbeth.

Sand Scribbles

the tough picture

Lizzy in wonderland
1. Love it. Wouldn't change anything.

2. I like the composition, but there seems to be a few hot spots.

3. The big empty sky, for my taste, takes up way too much of the picture. I'd crop and make the pretty girl more prominent.
Number one is my fav. The third one has a weird green spot in the bottom left. Nice job!
I dont care for #1...the composition isnt that interesting, I dont like the sepia, and its underexposed. If you were trying to make her a silhouette, you need to make your shutter speed a bit faster to make her black. It's too strange just seeing part of her like that.

2. This one is nice, but I would get rid of the vignette, it doesnt add anything to the picture.

3. This one looks like an HDR gone bad. The oversharpening/saturation look terrible. Also the green lens flare is distracting, I would clone that out.

All these photos need work on composition, with the exception of #2. This is my favorite, the subject is placed a little off center and the wood railings lead your eye right to her.

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