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Pictures I took at a paintball tournamnet forC&C


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May 20, 2011
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Amherst Nova scotia
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the lighting at this venue was quite difficult to work with when ur A noob like me









Well obviously they are all underexposed, but seeing as you were shooting with a large aperture and high iso I'd guess you didn't have a lot of light to work with. ^^
You might've been able to get a away with a slightly slower shutter speed here and there.
If you can, try and lighten them up in post processing a bit.

I'd also like to point out that you seem to have your subjects centered a lot (not all the time though).
I think shots 3-5 in particular might have been more interesting if you got the subject fully in the frame (instead of cutting his feet off) and placing him to the right of the photo so you can see some more in the direction he is looking at.

Besides this the pictures are pretty decent in my opinion.
There's some potentially good shots there. I'm no professional, but to my eyes, the darkness of them all make them hard to enjoy. Maybe throw them into photoshop and see what you can do?
Hi I'm a new to photography and would like to try taking some action shots of woods ball basically paintball but in the woods. Most shooting conditions will be in overgrowth with lots of shadow areas but with odd bits of sunshine breaking through. I'm using a D3100 with a 200mm zoom and will be a bit of a distance from the action, my local site said it was ok to take photos but I've got to be off field for safety reasons.

Was looking for any tips on camera set up or zoom size to use and if any one had done this before?😊
What were your settings? What lens, ISO, speed and F/ were you using? All dark (underexposed) as you know.

Lighting aside, the last 2 in my opinion were the best. The others really didn't give much to the story. The last ones though at least implied some action. Good job for your first go.
Old thread is old. But anyways, I've shot a few tournaments and learned several lessons from both experience and talking to players. I played Xball for years, and know the feeling of wanting all the pictures. But a few things to keep in mind...

1) Framing is key. Its often hard through a mask, but try your best not to chop limbs if your going for a full body shot. Many players like the full body shot. If not, go for a tighter crop and get a close up of gunning, reloading, etc.

2) Knowing the game is also a key factor. It often helps to know the moves that most people are going to make. The snake is a crucial bunker, and most people will dive in. Position yourself in a spot that allows for a clean dive shot.

3) While to the average person, a shot of a player running may appear boring. Players love pictures of a bump for big move. Break out pictures make great shots, and teams love them. Not ever shot has to have a ball breaking, but they make for better public pictures for the general population.

4) Never shoot down on players. Always get on their level and shoot. If you watch the big PSP/NPPL tournaments the photographers can often be seen laying down

Didn't mean to thread jack there, just wanted to show some examples...
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I started out in photography shooting paintball tournaments. You should shoot outdoor fields than indoor. You'll get better exposure. Also look for action shots maybe someon getting bunkered or bonus balled. Other than that looks like you got the right idea.
Not too shabby good sir; you made the most out of what you had and they came out decent enough. Like others said, I'd try to brighten them a little with editing. Next time try asking a few of them to do some poses or something afterwards just for the heck of it.

And thanks for the advice Dillard, your photos are stunning. I'm looking to do something similar but with guys playing airsoft. Your advice will come in handy.

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