Pike's Peak Railroad C&C!


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Mar 15, 2010
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Orlando, FL
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I LOVED how this one came out. What do you guys think? I apologize for the cropping, I don't have the original version with me at the moment, this is merely the 8x10 cropping I used to print it out for framing.


Love it. I love the monochrome look. The whole image looks "cold."

I love how the clouds seem to provide a secondary mountain range. I love the reflection of the rocks in the train windows.

Rule of Thirds was used nicely.

All in all, great shot!
I like the composition of the photo, but not liking the B&W. It looks very flat because there aren't enough contrasts to set the mountains apart from the foreground.
Thanks guys! Here's the color version, albeit a small one (I just grabbed it from my Facebook). It's also the original dimensions, not the 8x10 cropped one.

Great capture.. Both look good considering that you do get slightly lower res on the 'net...

I'm not a real fan of 8x10 crops except in vertical... the eye sees more and it's more pleasing that way..

Why not try 9x12 on those landscapes.........:D

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Wow, Larry, that looks awesome!! That size seems like it really works with the landscapes. I'll have to look into that! Thanks so much!

As for color vs. B&W, I think the B&W is cooler simply because it seems...moodier....idk how to describe it. But I do like how the train pops out of the picture with the candy apple red. I currently have a framed B&W 8x10...Might have to do a color 9x12 now!


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