Pimple redux, how did I do?


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Feb 20, 2012
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My goal here was a simple reduction that doesn't draw to the pimples. I didn't want to create a completely false image, but rather make the bump look like it was part of my natural skin. This was done by playing with the Hue-Saturation in Gimp. Basically I increased lightness, reduced red, and increase blue.

If you have suggestions on how to do this better, it's welcome. Please keep in mind I have Gimp and not willing to purchase in programs

How do the lips look after desaturating the reds?
How do the lips look after desaturating the reds?

This was done entirely with a free select tool. The lips remain unchanged along wit the rest of the image.

Of course now that I am looking on YouTube vids I see there might be a much better way. Here I used the healing tool, then went over it again with the Hue-Saturation tool. Maybe I am ok with getting rid of the pimple completely, lol.

I would get rid of it. Lol seriously though, my rule is generally to remove anything non permanent as far as skin "imperfections" go. The only time I don't entirely remove pimples is basically if they prefer I don't, or have such bad skin that it is way over the top to remove then all.. and end up with a totally fake image. (Unless of course they want them all gone)
Just a tiny heads up, if you do that for a client, you might want to TELL them you're actually going to do it so they don't end up surprised. I learned that the hard way when I started.

Also, it's not fake, it's "enhanced" :biggrinangelA:

If you do not want to completely remove them, I do not know what the procedure is in gimp, but in photoshop, you create a new layer, select spot healing tool, select -Sample all layer- option, go over what you want to remove, reduce opacity of the layer.

I'm guessing it is somewhat similar in gimp.

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