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Mar 4, 2013
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11 months old. Rescued from a ditch at 2.5 weeks.

Love it - tell me more about him/her.
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That first shot looks very humalike.
Love it - tell me more about him/her.

lol, thank you for rescuing Cuddles portrait thread! :D

Oh gosh, I could go on and on about her (and I will since you asked) :D

Two summers ago, a guy was walking down my street and saw two pups in the ditch. I live in the country. It was the beginning of August, in the afternoon, and well over 90 degrees. He stopped at my house and asked if I would take them because he had a long ways to walk, and they were hot and thirsty. I agreed.

The pups eyes had just opened. Cuddles only had one eye open and she could not even stand on all fours. I honestly did not think she was going to make it. They were in really bad shape--starved, dehydrated, and just so young. I bottle fed them. Cuddles was weaker than the boy, but she loved to eat. She just couldn't get enough. The boy pup did not make it. He died a week later.

She weighed less than a pound when she was found and now she is a healthy 55 lbs. I actually had to put her on a diet a few months back because she was pushing 65. She still loves to eat! Food and toys.

I never thought I would own a pitbull. I had so many misconceptions about this breed. She is very loyal, playful, and loves people. She is also good with other dogs. She gets along with my cat too, but likes to chase him sometimes. I call her my shadow because she follows me everywhere, from room to room. And she wants to sit on my lap all the time?!

I did find out who her parents were. It is a small world in the country. People talk. I never confronted them, though. They are shady people and I am glad Cuddles is with me.

My kids have a rescued pit and as sweet as Stella is, she is still very intimidating when she wants to play.

Yes, Cuddles can be the same way. She is "mouthy" --vocal when she is playing. I think it is a bully breed trait.

"Mother, I would like to take this opportunity to express to you that I am not at all amused. "

Lol.. great capture. That is definitely worth printing and framing.

Haha! She actually enjoys taking photos because she gets a treat afterwards. It is very serious business! :)
I'm glad she found you - you are gifted with animals as well as with your camera.
too cute!

more DOF please.
And where are our updated pictures :heart:

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