Pixie dust?


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Aug 18, 2010
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First of all I'm a noob. Just got into the business of capturing light...seriously.

This summer i've been doing videography for an energy efficiency company in philly. Been having a great time. Once in a while my boss asks me to take snapshoots using the Sony HDR-SR11 that I use to film. All summer the pictures have been phenomenal, perfect, fine.

Recently though, Ive been getting wierd pixie dust looking grain on the photos that i take. I have no clue why this has started to happen. Has anyone ever had this problem? How would I go about fixing it.

Also, sorry if this is a reduntant post. I just registed today and havent had time to look through the forum. Thanks!:D
link to an affected pic would be helpful, though it is possibly real dust on the sensor of the camera. I had zero dust on one of mine till visiting OZ, photographing surfers on the beach on a windy day, the sand was so fine it got everywhere and contrary to popular belief I blew it out with canned air and its been dust free since. H
poast pix plox

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