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May 23, 2007
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Just wondering if any of you have seen this amazing documentary series and your opinions on it.
Yeah, very cool show.
I love that show! I learn so much from it! It was sad when the polar bear got killed.
He had it coming
thats how nature is, beautiful most of the time, but also cruel, to us.
I cant stop talking to all my friends about the cinematography. I tell them, "PLEASE watch it, it will nock your socks off".

If you guys have a movie stop, so if they have a used box set, I got mine for 50 bucks, which is like 40 dollars off msrp
I loved the first episode I watched on TV. That made me buy the entire set. The most awesome documentary ever made and the cinematography is none less than outstanding! BBC has done a great job.
Got the box set. Outstanding.

Some freaky stuff on this earth! Makes me want to travel with my camera.
i agree, some of the best work to ever be shown on TV...its even more amazing in HD as well
they've been reshowing it and just got our HD TV wow i thought it was incredible on standard def... now i know what i was missing. breathtaking to say the least
Did you see the Great White's on the high speed camera. Blown away, I was

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