Play with my D90 + SB-700 + benchmade barrage


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Jul 19, 2011
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Houston, TX
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[/URL] DSC_0471 by RichardsFlik, on Flickr[/IMG]

The goal of this practice is to catch the detail texture on the blade the handle with proper exposure and soft light. In addition, when shoot at only 1-2ft away from the subject, this is a great practice for DOF.

1/160s, iso200, f16
Great knife, I collect Benchmades.

I am curious though, what about this is good practice for DOF?

What methods did you use to practice achieving soft light? (i.e., diffuser, soft box, bouncing light, umbrellas (shoot-through or reflector), etc...) It would be beneficial to post up your methods/variations as well as the results for those who come across this thread looking for ways to achieve the same effects.
To get the entire knife in focus, I start with f8 and narrow all the way down to f16. Even at f11, the far end of the knife is still blur. This flash provides sufficient amount of light to shoot at small aperture.
I don't have a softbox, umbrella or reflector. I used a dome diffuser, celling& wall and a white ipad2 box. I tried bouncing the light at different angles, with and without the diffuser on. The camera is pointing about 45 degree down toward the subject. The on-shoe SB-700 with a dome diffuser is pointing horizontally forward to a white wall which is about 5-6ft away. And the white ipad2 box was hand held 3in above the flash as a reflector.

I will take a picture of the setup and post it here when I get home. I know there are millions of other way to achieve same or better effect. I am willing to learn.

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