Playing with my NEX-3. C & C welcomed.

I hope you had fun.

You can post photos too if you want.
trying to get the image to show up , but i cant so i hope a link is ok....
What did you do for processing on this? There's a halo around her head... It's also quite underexposed.

I would suggest turning your ISO up. You were at 16mm at 1/10s. Generally you want your shutter speed to be at least 1/focal length, but in your case with the smaller sensor of the NEX Camera, you'd want to be at 1/30s.
I would have to go back into aperture and look at all the modifications. I made adjustments until it pleased my eyes. Would shooting it at 1/30 have benefited the picture even when I adjusted the contrast and exposure in PP?
It would have reduced camera shake, making for a sharper image.

If you exposed it properly in camera and then chose to darken the exposure in post, you'd still have a sharper image but just as underexposed.

So in summation... Put your ISO on 800, and your shutter speed on at least 1/30 indoors.

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