Playing with my Speedlight....C&C sorta.


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Oct 22, 2011
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Incirlik Air Base, Adana Turkey (thank you Air For
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I have been reading "The Hot Shoe Diaries"...I was getting ideas on trying to be more create with my speedlight. I wanted to try a taking a photo with the light firing through the window. I don't have any triggers so I was using the commander on my D7000- which only fired from a close distance.

This shot was taken with the light 3 feet from the window and gelled. I am definitely investing in some hot shoe triggers, since I want to get that bad boy a little further. I know it's not the best shot but I was bored and had a spark of inspiration. I am going for Alien encounter or something like that.

DSC_3004_edited-2 by Lily Belle Photos, on Flickr
I like it. Maybe a reflector or a white board camera right to bring some detail in the boys hair and ear.

Great reflection!

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