playing with the beautydish :)

I really love the subject, her wardrobe, your composition and lighting. I feel her skin could use a little work, due to the dish's manner of light.

edit: that said it is really wonderful in it's "natural" state and perhaps that's the look you were going for. I really love the light falloff. Can you elaborate on the setup? White dish, 22"? Gridded?
Thanks Trever1t, its a 70cm gridded and socked beautydish silverdish, set above the model, a dlite 400 powering it.....only one light used, a white reflector placed below, I don't like overprocessed faces when the subject is my wife :) wil only adjust the odd pimple and blemish, or risk a beating ;)
Very nice. I always thought beauty dishes produced harsh light, especially gridded. But you have it controlled perfectly. Whatever she is standing in front of frames her so nicely. And the color of what she is wearing matches/blends with the background so well. Was this done in PP? Is your wife Chinese? Mine is I understand the threat of beatings :).

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