please critique my photoshop developing of my nephew

Discussion in 'People Photography' started by TurboRaddo, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Can others edit my Photos:
    Photos OK to edit
    picture was taken with a canon rebel xt, kit lense with built in flash
    i think the flash really killed the colors
    changes made
    -used the healing tool on some spots on his face (he had scratched his nose)
    -saturated the shirt and jeans
    -saturated his eyes
    -burned in his face and hand
    -stamped out the hair dryer that was right by his head
    -dodged the darkness in the upper stairs
    -smoothed out his skin a bit
    here is the before and after
    and here is a larger version of just the final picture

    Let me know what you would have done differently (taking the photo or in photoshop) or what i could do to improve the photo (other than not use the on camera flash... haha)


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