Please, help me win this !!!


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Apr 26, 2015
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Puerto Vallarta
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Hello :D
I know what you might be thinking, yeah another guy asking for some "likes or sumthin".
I kinda am, but not in that way. I'm asking for just a few clicks from you, to get a place in the top 50 slots.The contest theme is " What makes us Mexican" (yes, I'm Mexican). I have gotten really deep into photography since about last year, and it's pretty much my true and only hobby, so with your help, I could place in the top 50 spots for the contest, and that way get my work get a little noticed.
The official prize for the top 50 in the "Everyone" category is to get your picture shown at the Soumaya museum next year, and as a side prize, I'd get from my parents a Nikon D7200 (I know, it does sound lil selfish).
So the steps are: 1. Head to the link provided below 2. Click on the big red button which says "votar por esta foto" on the left upper corner of my picture.
Lo Hecho en México | México en una Imagen 2015 - Luciano Michel Carcamo
That's it, 2 simple steps from you to help me out with this, 1 pretty big step for me. The link under this is for where some of my current work is posted, in case you want to check it out.
Little about me: My name is Luciano, I'm a 13 year old dude born and raised in Puerto Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico.
I will be forever in debt with you, thank you!!!!!! Sidenote: My parents did not translate this for me xd
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O.K., I voted for it. Ordinarily, I would like to see all the photos in the competition then vote for my favorite, but I couldn't find them.

Good luck!
Good luck hope you get that camera my votes in.
Good luck hope you get that camera my votes in.
Thank's a lot!!! :DD It's really helping out :)
Here's a pic I took a few month's ago :D


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