Pls Help! Question about Lighting a Face in Most Flattering Way [VISUALS INCLUDED!!]

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    this question is more for video than pictures but since many elements in both realms deal with lighting i would think that there are alot of lighting/photography pros on hopefully u guys can lead me in a good direction

    ok please look at this girl's video

    this is (before) her digital transformation

    pay special attention to the tone of her skin and her face it looks like an average webcam video ...

    now take a look at one of her newer videos with the incorporation of better lighting:

    what kind of lighting should i be using to create 'flattering' lighting as demonstrated by the video above?

    overhead lighting from a ceiling fan certainly cant achieve this and neither does a desk lamp situated in front of my face.

    do i need to get one of those professional lighting kits with the bulb & the umbrella?

    any recomendations would be appreciated thanks

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