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    Geeze I can't spell at all that is thread. But I bet it got your attention.

    I wonder why no one has anything that specializes in advice and a gallery for the pure pns shooter. I really don't use the one I have, except for ebay stuff, but I could probably crank out some shots with it if I needed to. Might not be as good as the dslr bunch, but hey you just never know.

    It's kinda like Barbara used to say. "If everyone in the church takes pictures with a disposable camera, odds are the some one in there will make the best picture of the wedding, and it wont be you." These foreums have gotten way too serious I think. Some just plain fun might be in order, then again I could be wrong. I would think a person just wanting to shoot for fun would be intimidated by the forum but what do I know.

    I'm quite sure it will be explained to me. That the galleries are open to everyone and that nobody should feel intimidated by them. So go ahead and explain it to me.


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