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Dec 13, 2007
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I am looking for a replacement for my current Point and Shoot, also my only camera at the moment. It's a Sony CyberShot DSC-T1. It's a few years old now. The autofocus seems to be failing, the shots are getting blurrier, and it is so old that it doesn't have Super SteadyShot. I have really shaky hands so it's a downside also. This camera was given to me by my mom and so it has a couple of scratches on it. I'm really looking forward to an upgrade.

I was really wanting the Sony Cybershot DSC-G1. It has a much larger screen, 2GB of built in memory, it's one megapixel more (not a big deal I know), it has Super SteadyShot, and the lens on this camera does not pop out as mine does. I prefer this feature.

I'm not looking for anything else with so many megapixels. I've found that the lesser, the better in this case. Not too low though. :D

My battery is also wearing out after so many charges, so I often take it out after use of my camera. Any other reccomedations?? I prefer Sony also as you can possibly see. :D I'm no traitor!

I do realize it is expensive. I am getting a job this summer as soon as school is dismissed for summer so I am going to be able to save for it and it should be a bit cheaper by then!!

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