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Mar 9, 2011
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Ottawa, Canada
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I came across this scene a bunch of years ago, just driving home one night. Sometimes it pays to carry all my gear in the trunk. Shot this with a 300 2.8 on my F1 from across the street. Turns out the guy on his knees with an accessory to a murder in another city. I also had threats against me for a few weeks after it made the front page of the paper. Some days that credit line isn't worth it.

i like it, looks like something you would see from a text book. there is so much going on in this photo
I would have been scared to take this one. The way the cop is pointing his gun around that corner suggests that there could be a threat that could easily do who knows what. Be careful
If there was a threat around the corner I doubt he'd choose to fire off shots at some random car all the way across the street instead of attempting to gun down the guy directly in front of him that's holding a MP5...
I never felt in danger at all. Well as I mentioned, it wasn't until after the picture was published that I felt threatened.

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