pond at sunrise


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Sep 13, 2010
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Carthage, NY
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i'm gonna try to post a new image every day, but it will probably end up being every other day ha ha ha

this one is the pond at my house so reshooting is very easy if anyone has suggestions

let me know what you think

Mike Leggero


Beautiful reflection, well done!
its a little too dark for me. i would have tried some bracketing, but thats just me. i like the comp and the location though.
I like it. Great color there - and I love the splash.

I wonder what the composition would end up being if you walked around 30' to the left around the shorefront. I was wondering if it would put that (i think its a) pier on more of an angle as opposed to coming almost 90 degrees out of the side of the photo.

I think this shot can only get better by revisiting it on a day with a few more clouds. You are lucky to have this right outside your door.

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