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Jul 22, 2003
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i have been hearing that most photographers seldom uses the flash...
in the program mode of my camera the built in flash almost always pops up even on daylight.
i will try to use manual mode now...
so please help me, when do i decide to use the flash?
do i have to use it on long exposures and wide appertures too? :?
i guess i'm one of those that never uses a flash. but you wouldnt be able to use a flash on long exposures anyway. the only time i ever use a flash is when i'm out with friends, using my automatic point and shoot camera. pretty much i just judge everything based on fstops and shutter speeds, and then play around in the darkroom to get what i like.

maybe that helps a little?
to avoid the built-in flash poppin' out, use the manual mode of the camera. Most cams don't pop the flash in (A)perture-priority or (T)ime-priority mode either.

Anyway, use it only as a fill-in flash, for example if you're photographing a person in front of the sun (classic)...

For anything else - the built-in flashes are just too close to the lens, you'll get horrible highlights and razor sharp shadows. 8)
I'm one of those that doesn't really use a flash either. and I especially hate my built in flash. Most important thing to remember is its only effective for about fifteen feet. And also I don't know if its a strobe or not, but its its not then theres a sync speed (probably 1/60 and anything faster than that will come out bad.) Personally I'd say just try to manipulate the shutter speed and aperture to get the appropriate exposure.
wow thank you!!
actually thats the very question that hinders me to be serious about photography.
i am enjoying the pictures posted here and i cannot help but ask howd they do that? i wish i can personally come to the author and say can u shoot that again on my presence please? :wink:
If you ever see a picture of mine that you wonder how I did that, what I was thinking , whatever. Don't hesitate man, I'll do the best I can to give you as much detail as I can about what happened

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