Poppy Field Portrait

Nice.. i wish I had a place to do a pictur like this!
I love the first one. The directional light and composition work very nicely together. The white sky and tilted horizon take away from the second shot.
I love first picture. It look so dreamy and beautiful. Second one is good but slanted horizon is a challenge to against viewer's favor.
I agree with the above comments. I think the washed-out sky and tilt detracts from #2. #1 is a wonderful image. You might consider straightening out the CCW tilt in that one as well.
Thanks for the comments guys!

1st one is my fav also. Second one was tilted because i was holding the camera above my head to get the high perspective, but yes think it could do with a straightening. Alas the burnt out sky will remain though - was shooting into the sun :)

Really amazing location - every year near where i live!

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