Portable Battery Power Source?

Robert Pope

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Oct 29, 2009
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Any experiences with battery power sources for location use of strobe? This would not be for hand held strobes - I've got a Quantum Turbo and love it for 580s. Looking for something to power BIG stuff where outlets aren't available.

Thoughts and experiences are most appreciated.
Innovatronix. Tronix Explorer is what I bought. Check out their web site. They sell directly from their web site only.
From what Derrell tells us about his Explorer, it sounds like a pretty good option.

There is also the Vagabond from Paul Buff (Alienbee & White Lightning etc.)...but as Derrell will tell you, it's only got one outlet.

I personally wanted something lighter, something that I could attach to a light stand and have a unit (battery, stand & mono-light) that wasn't too heavy to tote around. So what I did was buy a 300 W Pure Sine Wave inverter and a battery. I put it into a tool bag and it only weighs about 9 lbs (compared to 18 lbs for the Vagabond).

I made it after borrowing one from a friend.
I like that ghetto vagabond unit Mike! The Chicago Tools bag is the schiznitt!
Thanks, although it's not a perfect solution. For one, my AB800 is around the threshold for what the battery can dish out. Meaning that the inverter gives me a low voltage warning beep after every shot, just for a quick half second until it catches up. I can still fire off shots pretty fast though, probably as fast as if I was hooked up to household power.
Also, when you include the $60 battery charger I bought to go with it...it was basically the same price as a Vagabond (minus shipping).

The Chicago Tools bag is the schiznitt
I bought that for a dollar at a discount store.
We had the AC power go out last winter. My kid, who was six years old at the time said, "What are we gonna DO!!!?!?" So, I pulled out the Explorer, and plugged in a night light with a clear, 20-watt small-base tulip type light bulb in it, and flipped it on. LIGHT!!! After about 30 minutes, the power came back on and my son was like, "Whew! Man, that was horrible!"
Mike, if you don't mind my asking, which inverter and which battery did you buy?

EDIT: NM ... I saw your other post. :)
I have the Vagabond II from Paul Buff, actually I just got it a few days ago. Awesome unit so far. I haven't done a paid gig with it yet, but I have been outside and set up some strobes with it. Its a lot smaller than I expected it to be (size wise), but it does weight 18 pounds like Big Mike said.
I've been using my Vagabond II for going on 2 years now and it's been completely reliable. It does have just one port, but I carry a power strip with me as neither one nor two ports is ultimately enough.

Just remember, don't leave the modeling lights on while using the batteries! :)

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