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Jul 18, 2007
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Since asking for comments is useless, thanks for looking.​
Way too dark and underexposed.

I like it dark and shadowy like this.
To me, it creates drama. This obviously is not a beauty shot, this is for feeling, emotion. She looks pissed and I wouldnt want to mess with her right then.
As i sit and examine the photo, i feel like I'm about to face off with her. The darkness works for this picture.
As i sit and examine the photo, i feel like I'm about to face off with her. The darkness works for this picture.

Underexposure seldom ever works. A technically WEAK photo is WEAK, irrespective of the intention.

Although... the more I look at it... IS it under-exposed? Or is the light off to the left just at a really low power setting?

You lose the entire right side of her neck.. I vote underexposed.
It's called split lighting, that's what happens. It's not a matter of proper exposure as the areas that are lit are exposed fine for this type of image it's more a matter of light placement, and really I'm not sure how I feel about it so I'm not going to comment other than to point that out.
I opened it in Photoshop...it's severely under-exposed. By about 1.8 f/stops, more or less. It looks pretty good when artificially brightened using the Exposure slider...the split lighting looks better that way, and the highlights look better as well.

She does look annoyed, fer' sure...
I look at this and I can hear her calling me using my middle name! :lmao: BUT I agree that there's some severe under-exposure happening here.
:biglaugh: :biglaugh: :biglaugh:

I guess this is the only way to get some C&C. The intial image was underexposed to begin with. I knew it and so did you. I'm a post process idiot, but I also know that all is not lost, It's not as severe as Derrel thought, but I resign that fact that it was rubbish. But, that wasn't the point. I figured that this should be hung in the basement, behind the furnace. Okay, a bit of touch up while f'ked up. Mom was used as a stand in and I was given only three shots befor the Queen arrived for her grand entrance.


Another of the Mother Further
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Still Annoyed though........​


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