Portrait C&C please!

What wide angle lens did you use?
C&C per req:

Wide angles are generally not considered flattering portrait lenses. The distortion here is fairly evident and the subject looks not unlike a bobble-head. The lighting isn't bad, but you do have some blown or nearly so highlights on his right arm.

For future work consider a longer focal length, and shoot at the subject's eye-level not down on him/her. Try opening up the shot a little so that the subject doesn't seem quite so 'pressed' into the image, and look for more homogenous, pleasing backgrounds. Despite good use of selective focus and a larger aperture, the background is still recognizable and rather distracting.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

i used 18-55 VR
i usually use my 50mm /1.8 for portraits.
this guy is really quirky and hilarious in real life, i took this close up at 18mm standing on a table above him to make his body look smaller. i thought the angle fit his personality. but guess if you dont know him maybe the angle is wrong.
I think he looks like a bobble head.... but that personality type, I see coming through in this picture.
I understand what is the problem here ,

When a photographer take any shot he has some thinking/projection going on for the subject, which cannot be understand by other unless you describe ,

I see many time in TPF people submit there creative,unusual angel or any odd shot which might be wrong for some but creative for other ,

and you end up getting these CC. I suggest you should describe what was the feel behind shot other wise you will get CC like what is right or wrong not on "Creativity"

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