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Sep 12, 2007
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St. Paul, MN, USA
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Well, it has been quite some time since I posted here, I can't even remember when the last time was - life has gotten so insanely busy that I barely have time to breathe.

I did manage to sneak out one weekend and take some portraits. These are for a friend who is trying to sell his t-shirt designs. (I have other shots that show more of the design.) He is going to post these on his website.

I'm just mostly looking for a critique on the post processing. I was happy with it, but now all of a sudden I looked at the shots again and they look too saturated, a little too dark maybe? Just wondering what they look like to others, and any tips/feedback would be appreciated.

Basically for the most part I just adjusted levels, curves, and did a little USM. It was hard to eliminate the gray haze but to still try to retain some detail in the black t-shirts.

These aren't all the best shots, just ones that I am finished with PP with and wanted to use as examples so you can see what they look like.




Maybe a bit dark, but I like the saturation.

I think the first is best at showcasing the t-shirts. In the rest, you can't see the design details on the girl's shirt. I would say crop just the guy in either 2 or 3, but I also find his arm (the one hanging) looks awkward.

I good pose may be one with head cupped by hands, so that the arms are up and not bloacking the design.
that chick is hot
Thanks for the comments so far guys - again, I'm mostly looking for feedback on the lighting levels/saturation, but other comments are appreciated as well. Anyone else think these are ok as is or do they need further levels adjustments or other adjustments?

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