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Oct 28, 2008
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North Dakota
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Hey all, I just bought some studio equipment (strobes and a backdrop kit) and am going to take some photos of my friend's 4 year old son. I guess what I'm struggling with are the poses. I've looked online a bit and found a few, but was hoping you guys could give me some pointers since this will be my first studio session.

Thanks in advance,

Be ready to shoot when they arrive, and take whatever you can get. I wouldn't get involved in too much posing; have something for them to sit or lay on if you want. Some 3-5 year olds are different, and will ham it up for the camera, but most have maybe 10 min of patience for photography, so you need to get it done quick. When the kid loses patience just leave the studio behind, let them go play, and get some candid/action shots. The parents will love those photos even more.

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