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Dec 31, 2007
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Hey guys...before anything I would like to say im far far away from home in another country so I can't access the manual for my camera that I just bought last week a day before I traveled.

My question:

hhow do i take pics of myself with my D40x...I got a little piece of rubber with my camera but I don't knnow how to use it. It doesn't seem to fit over the viewfinder. I can't use my tripod or anything....

and also, I want to know what the remote control option is? can i buy a remote for my camera?

sorry if these questions have been answered before
cant answer your questions but...............................

there must be a manual for that camera availible to download.

so google nikon d40x manual and see what comes up
Not quite sure what the 'little piece of rubber' is, i got an eye piece cover, for shots where you're not using the viewfinder during the exposure, but it wasn't rubber i don't think.

Anyway, without a simple MySpace shot, holding the camera at arms length pointing at you, you'll need a tripod (or somewhere to put the camera) and self shot mode (timer), or a remote shutter release, like ...


(think that works with the D40x)

Your D40x manual can be found here ...

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Thanks so much. Yes I received the eye piece too I just didn't know the rubber surrounding the viewfinder could be removed. I am so hesitant to try to mess with the camera lol

Thanks for taking the time to find the links :)

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