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May 1, 2005
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Hey all I got there eventually.

Thanks to all for the 1000s of bits of advice, help and comments.

This achievement of 1000 was the ONLY good point over the whole easter weekend.

Saturday I was nearly killed in my car as there was oil on the road, and it was raining and my car began to spin, I managed to avoid a crash by some quick thinking and some praying! I spent the night shaking and being sick.

Then On Sunday my whole family and I were driving home from a meal when my brakes totally failed and I was forced into emergency stop, but somehow managed to get almost home. Just as we got there the engine began to smoke. Once parked up we put the kids in the house and had a look under the bonnet (hood) we found the battery had come off it's stand and had gone through my brake lines.

SO thanks to God we are all alive.

Other things also contributed to it being a hell of a weekend, but those were the highlights.

Again thanks to all the TPF dude and dudettes for all your help over the past year that I been coming here. ANd yes semtimentallity it is like an extemded family.

See some of you Saturday unless I have to get the car in the garage. :)
Yikes, a memorable weekend, for all the wrong reasons. Glad you and your family are safe and sound.
so glad to see you safe! :hugs:
take care :D

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