Post a picture of yourself

one from last week ... everybody just says that's me, 100% copy but 42 years younger

It's been a long while since I posted a picture of myself here. Hope it doesn't take down the servers hosting the forum 🤣

This was taken before I switched back to Nikon so I used a Fujifilm XT4 + XF 16-55 2.8 and two studio lights with softbox.

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Downtown Calgary. Doing some street photography while my youngest got her hair done across the street.


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Did you have any luck shooting those .22's out of your .223?

That one in particular is .300 Blackout. On the table is a .22WMR rifle as well as a 9mm carbine. I forgot to replace the battery in my .22WMR's red dot so I was shooting with just irons. The target has the .22 on the main target and 9mm on the small side targets at, IIRC, 25 yards. Not bad, but I definitely could have done better with the 9mm's grouping.


Snapshot with a Sony RX 100 VI.


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