Post production in photo shop UNSHARP MASKS??

Discussion in 'Photoshop Challenges' started by Quovadis, Oct 26, 2016.

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    A few months ago I was claiming that my RAW files were not as sharp as I would like them to be, and continuously had to use unsharp masks and smart sharpens in Photoshop. I was asking everyone on this forum if pictures in RAW were naturally more blurry.
    At the time, I was using Asus 3x27" 1080p 144hz monitors to do my photo editing.
    Basically, you look at a picture you have taken and ask yourself "is it tack sharp"? If the answer is no, I will apply a sharpening filter.
    I had always thought this was a RAW thing. Pictures are less sharp. Some people suggested I use increased shutter speed, use a tripod etc.
    Only recently, I have some different monitors side by side, an Asus 32" 1440p and another 32" UHD.
    Whilst colors on these are incredible, I noticed something disturbing.
    Any picture I take an view on the 32" 4k monitor is tack sharp. A little less on 1440p, and much less on 1080.
    In other words I would be inclined to sharpen the picture if viewed on a 1080p monitor and not at all on the 4k monitor.
    The problem I have, is I do not know which monitor is telling the truth?
    There is nothing worse than "oversharpening" a picture, and nothing worse than having a slightly blurry picture.
    All pics are viewed at 100% scaling in photoshop.
    Scratching my head on this one....


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