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Feb 19, 2006
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Hey everyone!

Please take a picture of your pelican case open with the layout you currently have inside of it. Please also list the model number :)
Grey Pelican 1600

That single ring 80-200 would drive me nuts :er: Much respect to anyone who can use those!
That single ring 80-200 would drive me nuts :er: Much respect to anyone who can use those!

I have a two touch w/tripod shoe also, but prefer th one touch for PJ, sports and live bands. Anywhere I think I might need speed. I have the 35-70 2.8 for the same reason. Sliding zoom is just natural to me.
thanks for the post i wanted to see how much i could fit in a case i was thinking about the 1520 i think or which ever 1500 series is not the one with wheels.
My company has an affiliate that makes custom case inserts.
I've always thought it would be really cool to have a nice custom insert made for my gear...the problem is that..
a) it's expensive
b) it's not changeable once it's made.

You can get those cases with the 'pick foam' anyway, so you can customize it yourself, easily enough....or use the typical camera bag pieces as shown.
ha thats cool thanks big mike. Anyone else got more pics of their cases?
okay i dont know what a pelican case is exactly, maybe its a certain brand. but this is mine that came with my kit. i no i no i no, brace yourself for this it is quite the collection.


and of course my notebook on the side where i jot down all my ideas and my tripod.

heyy im a newb =( oh yeah and add the hoya r72 filter in with dem critters also, soon. and of course i was taking the pic withhh my camera.

atleast its nice and organized =)

ohhh and that is an example of a "pick foam" case like you were talking about before
^^^ Yes, Pelican is just a brand. They make really really nice multipurpose cases...
gotcha. my ghettoo ass one gets the job done. it makes me feel all important when i carry it around. it looks like a little spy kit.
non-pelican case but still a cool picture:

(replace the XT with a 20D, the 18-55mm with the 50mm 1.8 Mk I and replace the 50mm MkII with a 28-70 3.5-4.5 Mk I. I would update it but the P & S camera I used to take this picture I was borrowing, the 20D is my only camera and I can't use it to take a picture of it in the case with both lenses off.)

I was going to post mine this weekend but I didn't buy my second yet. Unless I can bend the laws of physics and get my gear in it i'll wait.
thanks for the posts keep em comming im drooling over a case now

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