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Aug 3, 2012
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Mustang Oklahoma
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We already have a few moon threads as everyone was gearing up for the supermoon last night and this morning. I thought we could one just one spot to post them.

1) From last night. We had a few clouds last night making it fun to get a good shot.

Supermoon-4 by Ron_Lane, on Flickr

2) From this morning.

Supermoon setting-1 by Ron_Lane, on Flickr
Rain Rain Rain and more Rain. Went out on the 19th to scout out a location for a nice moon shot (still daylight here when moon rises). Found the spot! This photo is a 2 shot composite taken a few hours apart on the 19th. Unless someone is willing to do a virgin sacrifice to the weather gods it's the best I'm going to get.

barnmoonskycomp by xLeighthalx, on Flickr

Took like 25 shots playing at different exposures .. did some bracketed. Think this one is a bit dark the more I look at it.
Nights like this will be a blast when I get a telephoto with some awesome reach.


Yep, first was way underexposed. lol
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It's been frikkin' cloudy here all last night and up to an hour ago.

I'd just as well post a shot of my gray card.
Cloudy all weekend here :(
my moon is here simple subtle but there ;)
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