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Dec 13, 2007
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How do you report something to a moderator on this forum? I can't seem to find a link anywhere, nor do I see a "report this post" anywhere. Is there a list of moderators available because I don't pay attention to people's "status" in the posts and do not know who they are.

Thanks, and if I happen to come across someone posting with moderator status, I will follow with that.
On every post, there's a little icon like thus -->

Click that and you can report what you need to. All Moderators/Admins get a notification that something needs their attention, though we cannot guarantee 24 hour coverage or an instant response.

I'm sure there is a list of moderators somewhere around here, but I'll need to go and look for it and report back when/if I find it.
Well I can't find it either, but from memory, the following will be the names to look for

Owners: Dascrow & 4nines

Mods/Admins: Chris of Arabia, Big Mike, Arch, terri, Karissa, & TwistMyArm

I think that's it, but I stand to be corrected
there is a reason some threads are sticky
its so people can read them

and if you click 'view forum leaders' on the forum page it... well have a guess what it does
blah blah blah.... ppffft....

just kidding. I just completely overlooked that. It's easy to see sticky threads when you are new to a forum, but when you've been around for over a year, things tend to slip the mind, lol.

Of course, thanks to the both of you. But the "situation" was last night and I am over it now. I don't think I will talk about it with a mod/report at this time. We'll see next time when I end up with seeing 20 pages listed in the "New Posts" button within a couple of hours since last login if I want to discuss it with a mod.

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