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Aug 19, 2010
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Central NY
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I have been trying to go outside and practice w/ my kids when I can. I took my camera to my friends and when they had friends over, so I can take pictures of other children not just my own.

I have some pics below that I don't know if the colors are good.. to bright.. over exposed.. I can't tell, because when i like some pictures on here, someone else comes and says that it's over exposed.. lol.

Thanks so much!!!

(none of these are my children)





#1 & #3 are the only ones with an interesting background IMO. Unfortunately the the boy in #1 is too close to the gate and has a bar running through his head. The girl in #3 has vertical elements projecting out of her head.

A couple of suggestions... if possible, bring the boy forward 6-10 feet in front of the gate. With a large aperture, this will render the background more out of focus and lessen the impact of the horizontal bar. Either change your camera angle or give hime a boost to avoid the horizontal bar.

With the girl in #3, taking two steps to your right would have positioned her more in the middle of the entry way, avoiding the vertical lines projecting out of her head. A two step ladder would've changed your camera angle to avoid the horizontal line cutting through her head in the other plane.

The point being, be cognizant of your backgrounds. TBH, the remaining images with the bland grass background are rather boring to me. I like interest in the background as long as it compliments and doesn't interfere with the subject.
Ty guys!.. I never notice things until you guys point them out.. More and more I come on and watch your comments to people.. I learn

I think I overexpose them in PP. I need to work on that.. ty
Is this one better as far as the exposure? Or now is it underexposed..

Looks better to me! :)

Odd crop though. I'd go a little higher or lower to avoid the cut off wrist and elbow.

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