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Practicing Steet shooting/candids C&C


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Sep 9, 2010
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Southern California
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From my previous C&C questions, I know now that I have to watch out for distractions in my backgrounds when focusing on one thing. Now I am trying to get an eye for what is considered a good capture of random people in public. At a small town country parade, these are all kids. Welcome the critiques both good and bad. The critiques here really mean a lot and help me learn tremendously. Thanks!

#1) I thought this was good because the little toddler is the only one looking a different way than anyone else. When I look at this, my eye goes right to him. Does yours?

#2) I actually had to edit out peoples feet and legs in the street on the left side of the photograph.

#3) Cute little girl in awe of the parade. I chose black and white for this one although, I do have it in color.
I see what you're going for in #2, but my eye jumps back and forth between the kid and the flag. The fact that they're colored (vs. the dark uniforms of the others) make them both stick out... and I think the fact that the flag is backlit makes it stick out just a little bit more than the kid. Or maybe not *more* than the kid... but enough that my eye keeps jumping back and forth between the two.

I totally agree with you and it was bugging me! I thought about a conversion to black and white to eliminate that problem. Hmmm... THANKS.
if your out in public and not at an event be careful taking pictures of kids, people can get a bit overprotective and automatically assume they can have you arrested.

ive been threatened by some angry person while i was shooting pictures of my town hall for my project even though i had permission to shoot anyway, so i cant imagine taking pictures of people in public even though theres no law against it unless your on private property, as long as you stay on public property taking pictures of people on public property they cant do a thing

i like the last one the best by the way, the second one the flag is a big distraction

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