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Sep 16, 2010
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Hello everyone! This is my first post on TPF. Look forward to meeting you all! Mostly the kind of work I do is glamour/fashion work... However I took this when visiting Prague and I wanted to post it up! Hope you like it. :)

I don't know what it is, but this is awesome. It looks like a model village. It almost looks fake? I dunno.

Mind sharing what lens and aperture this was shot at? I think the DoF does amazing things for this photo.
Hello and welcome to the forum

This is a unique image of what would otherwise probably be a boring photo. I did look at it for a while...
I'm gonna call fake.

Fake or not though, it's a nice shot.
I'm gonna call fake.

Fake or not though, it's a nice shot.

Fake? Ha, are you serious?

This was taken with a TS-E 24mm f3.5 tilt shift lens.

A tilt shift lens is used a lot in architectural work to make merging perspectives of large buildings seem normal again. Have you ever noticed when you take a photograph of a door way, or an arch... the photograph is actually distorted, and not true to form of what the actual doorway looks like... A tilt shift lens will fix this.

If you use the lens when you don't need it, you can add selective focus to the image.

It's a manual focus lens that you can have a lot of fun with.

But anyways. Thanks for all the compliments!
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Wow after googling around a bit, I have decided I must buy one of these. I absolutely love what this does with perspective. It's gonna be awhile because that isn't cheap at all, but damn. Thank you for sharing this with me / us. :)

Edit: LOL @ this website.

They all look like little models! I love this!
I love the picture. At first I thought the tilt shift effect was done in PP. It's nice to see it's not. Only thing that bugs me is the houses being cut at the top, and it seems the horizon is crooked? It may be just me though.
yeah, i'll agree, it does look crooked, the drainpipes are most noticable against the frame of the photo. that's the most common problem with tilt shift lenses.. you remember to set one axis but forget to set the other, plus there is the angle of the tripod.. just too many variables for me to invest in one.. not to mention having to manual focus with old tired eyes ha ha... i like the colors that make it almost look like a watercolor painting of some sort

I agree, amazing photo. It being crooked bothers me the most, but I just can not believe how model-like it looks.

Take a look at the left side of the photo. I believe he tried to line up the image with the vertical line of the windows. That line looks spot-on.

...I do not know, but maybe the tilt-shift has something to do with the image having that look.

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