praying glass skeleton


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Dec 29, 2007
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Jacksonville, FL
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inside an art gallery. what do you think of the choice of coloring for this pic? good/bad? c&c please. i know his hand is cut off a little bit on the right....that sucks

I kind of like it. Wish it had a different backdrop or more bokeh to render that stuff in the background a blur though
is this better? i probably need to smooth some of the edges of the skeleton, but is that enough blur to not distract you from the subject?

I think its better. but I am only 1 person.

the focus of the image is the praying skeleton, nothing else should detract your attention. The blur helps in my opinion
i totally agree with you. i'm trying to get it done in cs3. lol it's not as challenging as i thought it would be
It says your photos are ok to edit. I was just messing around with the image. (im a sucker for skeleton images since I'm a medical student).


I don't know what your vision is of the image but I thought this looked cool to me.
hmmm, i think it's a bit to contrasty for my tastes

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