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Jun 22, 2012
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Sioux Falls, SD
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I've only just recently started shooting these guys and I've become fascinated with it. I've been interested in the nymphs for a while as a fly fisherman and tier. The nymphs are pretty cool - jet powered predators under the surface. Shooting the adults has forced me to take a little different approach. Rather than stalking, chasing, and shooting like I can with most of what I shoot, I've learned watching and waiting works better for these guys. Be patient. They will come back.

Still not sure how you all catch them mid-air. They are fast.

A few of a lot have turned out. Here's two of them.

As always, comments welcome.

1. Nice close up.

IMG_3852a by breckmiller, on Flickr

2. Not as close, but I like the balance.

IMG_3840a by breckmiller, on Flickr
Nice. Looking forward to seeing more.
Very clean and detailed, good work

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