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Dec 15, 2015
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I would like to ask for your help! I'm searching for compact mirorless camera wich has good price-value.

Price could be aprox 300-450$.

Right now I'm considering Samsung NX MINI or SONY RX100.

It would be really great if you could give me some advice!

Thank you!
Samsung is rumored to be going out of business so I personally would avoid them until more info is coming out.
As for the Sony RX100 IV, I think its a great camera but its not mirrorless (its P&S) and I also think its out of your price range.
I meant SONY RX100.
Personally I would consider the Sony RX100II for around $498.00 so for about 40 dollars more above your max budget Its has the newer BIONZ X Processor and Back illuminated chip for increased ISO range and the tilting screen and Hot shoe for optional flash or Viewfinder. Again as goodguy pointed out,its not a mirroless but a point and shot with a larger sensor then most other point & shot camera.
The RX100 is still a good compact, despite it's age (2012). Thanks to it's
small size it's an excellent, everyday camera.
i do not know much about the point and shoots that are out now. this one is not very compact and its a bit more than you looking to spend but someone i know has been posting photos they take with this camera and to me the quality of the photo is very impressive from a point and shoot that also has a crazy amount of zoom..

i know its not in your price range but its something to consider if you can spend a little more.

Nikon COOLPIX P900 Digital Camera 26499 B&H Photo Video

i had a canon G16 which is in your price range, it took excellent photos, almost as good as a DSLR, i was not thrilled with 2 things, it only had 5x zoom which is not much, and i thought the video quality could have been a little better. but as far a pic quality it was pretty darn good..
The P900 is a very bulky, small sensor, bridge camera, with a 83x zoom.
It's used for birding and wildlife and by people that like superzooms.

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