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Jan 13, 2012
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This is my brother's cat. He's always happy to stretch out and look pretty for me. My biggest struggle is properly exposing both the bright white areas and the dark gray and black. Does this look pretty good?


Not sure if uploading straight to the site leaves EXIF, so, just in case:
ISO: 100
Aperture: 4
Shutter: 1/250
Lens 50mm 1.8
I bounced flash off the ceiling. The room was fairly dark and I'd only brought bare basics with me.
Those eyes :shock: my cat will never hold still for pictures!
Eyes are great ! Bet you cat knew what you were doing. :lol:
Well done cat photo. I like the diagonals in the background that frame the cat's ears. I'd probably darken that area along the bottom of the frame.
Darkening should be pretty easy. He's on the refrigerator, so the diagonals are the cupboards above it. This cat is a total ham and loves to strike poses. When I first started, all I had was this cat and mine to work with, so they're used to modeling. :p Mine gets jealous if I set stuff up and shoot my kid instead of him. He pushes into the frame and poses.
Looks like you did a really nice job, actually. White/dark is tough- no avoiding it, but I agree with the choices you made here.

He really is a handsome cat, particularly for a standard tiger.
He has a really nice head, which seems to help how nice he looks. And those huge eyes. ;) I think black and white suits him well. Getting him to look right with color is hard because he's several shades of brown and gray with the black stripes. Apparently, his vet has him listed as gray and white. :p

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