Price Disparity?


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Apr 28, 2009
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I'm looking ro a Rebel XSi.

Why do some websites like Best Buy list it for over $500, whereas other sites like SonicCamera list it for around 230? It doesn't say refurbished or anything.
maybe we need a sticky in here pointing out that the "too good to be true" prices are scams...but then we may need a sticky to remind people to read the;s a lost cause. :(
Or a sticky pointing out the search function. :roll:
or there's that. :D

i just ran a search for "scam" and came up with many discussions that would be perfect for the OP's question.
Thanks for the info everyone. All points well taken. Also, that ResellerRatings is a great website. Very useful.

What do you think about Buy Used from Amazon marketplace?
Check out, they're prices are usually quite excellent and they have a healthy stock of used a refurbished stuff as well. If that fails, I'd go with I've had really good experiences buying photo equipment from Amazon--even from the Amazon resellers.

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