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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by flyin-lowe, Jun 16, 2009.

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    My father in law took some images that will be HDR of my fathers house for fathers day. He used a Canon D40 and shot in RAW. My mother is wanting to purchase the largest print possible without loosing too much quality. She was hoping for around a 20x24 or larger. Should this be a problem going that big? Also I was looking on Adorama just to check prices and they had a bunch of different types of paper and finishes to choose from. I would like to hear some opinions on how big I could go and what paper/finish is best for an HDR. Any other recomendations for places to oreder prints from?


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    No problem going that large, especially if the image is nice and sharp.

    Really, you can go as big as you want...but you have to take viewing distance into consideration. Thing of images that are on a billboard...they are huge and they would look terrible from two feet away...but if you are 50 feet back, it looks great. Same principle for large photo prints. You can print at 24x36 and it might not look great with your nose pressed up against it, but if you take a couple steps back, it will look much better.

    As for paper types...that's up to you. It's usually personal preference.

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