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    Hey everyone, not sure if its true art, definitely not photography but...i created some one-of-a-kind pro team iphone wallpapers a while back for a blog but the blog kind of fell through. Anyways i uploaded them all to my flickr account so you can view them easily. I link to each set of wallpapers so you can easily find your favorite teams

    Wallpapers Preview


    Pro Team Iphone wallpaper sets

    NHL - NFL - NBA - MLS - MLB

    There is one for every pro sports team in existence. Many of my friends like these so i figured i'd try to go ahead and share them with everybody in an organized manner. These iphone wallpapers should work well on any phone that has 480x320 screen resolution...which is alot of options at the moment

    Enjoy! and let me know if you like them!

    didn't get much feedback here but posted these sports iphone wallpapers on a mac forum and some peeps liked em!

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