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Feb 3, 2012
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I purchased a Nikon D3100 6 months ago. I've been very happy with it so far. Nevertheless, yesterday, my camera stopped working.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:( It was OK all day, but in the evening, each time I wanted to switch the camera on, the screen was black and the red blinking light off. I first thought it was a problem with my battery, so I had it recharged all night. Today early, I try to put the battery inside my camera once again, no result.
I'm currently traveling and unfortunately I don't have time to find somebody who can fix it. I'm affraid I'll have to buy another camera, only 6 month after my Nikon. It is so frustrating, unless somebody knows what's wrong. I neither banged my camera, nor put it under water. There's no logical explanation about what happened. Besides, snce I'm not at home, I don't have my guarantee with me.
Please help me.
Check the memory card , take it out and then put it back in. Also make sure you fit the battery all the way in.
Just because you charged your battery all night doesn't mean it is fully charged. You may have a bad battery or bad charger. If you can find a camera store nearby I'd try a different battrery and/or charger before getting a new camera.
Sometimes dirty contacts on the camera/battery do not allow it to make a proper electrical connection. Try cleaning both if you can, and go from there.

Batteries have a tendency to corrode on the contacts if left inside the body for very long periods of time. This is another possibility also.

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